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Awesome Plush Toys for Dogs & Pups

Dogs & Puppies who have just left their mother are likely to curl up with their Goofy Tails Plush Toys as it is similar to the way your dog \ pup would curl together with his \ her litter pack mates.

Plush toys are comforting for them, especially in a new environment. Some puppies use Goofy Plush Toys as pillows while bigger and senior dogs just like to sleep with their favorite plush toys near them for comfort and warmth. Some dogs and pups like to mouth their favorite plush toy. Don’t worry, Goofy Tails plush toys can be washed easily to keep them clean. These are awesome additions to your pet’s toy basket, those from Gigwi, kong and Goofy Tails are popular from our collection.

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