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Dog Dental Treats : Best Dog & Puppy Training Products

Dog treats are excellent rewards for good behavior and useful in training. Treats are an important part of your pet’s diet and so, we keep plenty of options on our shelves! Jer high Den-T sticks & Goofy Himalan chew bars  for dogs are specially made to aid your pet’s dental hygiene while Gnawlers treats fit right in with a protein diet. Our very own Yak Milk chew bar treats  from Goofy Tails are healthy, safe and completely devoid of preservatives or chemical additives. They are made in small batches to maintain quality. You can also choose from a range of varieties offered by Gnawler, Basil Dental Care,  JerHigh Den-T stick, Super Bite, Goofy Tails Himalayan yak milk chew bars.

  • Gnawlers – All-natural daily dental treats designed to freshen breath, clean teeth, and help remove plaque and tartar. Our chews are vegetarian, gluten-free, and high in fiber.
  • Basil Dental care – The treat acts like a chewing gum and as the dog chews it, its flexible nature makes it move up and down with the jaw. The bristle like shape helps in cleaning the tartar and plaque accumulation in the teeth.
  • JerHigh – Clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup—a contributor to gum disease—when used as part of a daily oral care routine. The special texture helps clean down to the gumline. Look for the patented Star-shape design. Great for maintaining your dog’s dental health, while rewarding them with a tasty treat!
  • Goofy Tails Himalayan Yak Milk Chew bars – 100% natural, gluten-free, calcium-rich, ready-to-eat human-grade treats. These chew bars are made naturally with hardened Yak milk cheese, these Himalayan chews provide your dog with protein-rich nutrition and are delicious to eat. These long-lasting snacks keep your dog engaged for longer with most dogs taking up to a week to finish the bar.

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