Dogitos | Knotted Dumbbell Rope Durable Rope Chew Dog Toy | Natural Organic Fibers | For Medium and Large Size Dogs


  • Reduces Anxiety and Brings Fun: When a dog is anxious he/she will bite into the sofa/furniture/socks/clothes. This is when a toy like a Knotted ball rope will help the dog dissipate her / his energy and reduce anxiety.
  • Safe, Natural, and Durable Material: this rope toy is made of tight, natural washable ropes, perfect for tug, chewing, and shaking. This toy will bring your dog hours and hours of entertainment and exercise.
  • Clean the Teeth: This teething toy can clean dog’s teeth and help control plaque and tartar during chewing, reducing plaque and preventing gum disease. Washable fabric to keep dog toys clean. Perfect for Dog Teething for large puppies.
  • Play Tug of War: Some interactive toys satisfying dogs’ instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and you during the time you play with them. Dogs love to play a Tug of war.
  • For Medium /Large Dog and Aggressive Chewers: The knotted rope toy is made from strong fibers. this Toys suitable for small and medium dogs | medium and aggressive chewers. The strong knots and fibers last long.
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Pets are now an essential part of the majority of social and family life. Because of this human-animal familiar co-existence, there felt strongly products for animal health just as the human babies require in their childhood. Sticking to this thought, Exion International has come up with its entirely new and elongated range of dog toys. Our dog toys are fabricated with the highest degree of fine craftsmanship. They are durable and sustain with excessive handling by dog puppies. They withstand the constant teething by them. Their durability is a virtue by the engagement of high-quality raw materials like the best leather and supreme quality threads. Our dog toys are very beneficial to your pets as they provide constant gums massage to your dogs. Their constant chewing and sport with them enable them to burn their energy and get athletic. Dogs need constant look over but when they are playing with these toys, they are self-engaged in them. They perform natural activities of sporting. This causes their natural growth and body development thereby reducing the owner’s task of vigilance on them. Pets are our family and they need our special attention. Our dog toys are specially crafted for their care and to impart love to them. So, what are you waiting for! Order now from a wide range of dog toys from Bridles & Reins and gift a piece of love and attention to your dear pet.

  • Designed for All dogs
  • Made of natural Jute, safe for pets
  • Vet approved and recommended
  • Good quality, suitable for rough and violent chewing
  • Clean their teeth and maintain oral health
  • Helps strengthen bond between the pet and owner

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Breed Size

Large & Giant Breed Dogs, Small Breed Dogs ( <10kgs), Medium Breed Dogs (10-20kgs)

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Toy Material

Cotton & Fabric

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